Dear Port Addict,

Condemnation. Fear. Worthlessness. Shame. Guilt. God couldn’t use me with this addiction. There’s no way God will forgive me again. These are all feelings or things you have made me believe for far too long. You have controlled my mind and my emotions. You have put lustful thoughts in my head about people I care about. You have controlled my mind at church while I was worshipping my God. You flash those images in my head repeatedly. This has gone on long enough. I am sick and tired of feeling isolated. Feeling like I am alone in my struggles. Feeling like my marriage is crashing because my husband is addicted as well. But we can do this. Two is better than one.

I am worth more than this constant battle. You don’t control me. My God isn’t shaken by your frail attempts to manipulate me. I am still valued, loved, cherished, forgiven, free, a masterpiece, beautiful, and chosen by God. Nothing you have had me do will ever change that. Nothing is impossible with God. He had the last word: It I finished.

I will recover. I have victory. Bring on the pressure because I am ready. I have my accountability partners and my recovery group. I have accountability software on all my devices. My husband agreed to do this with me and to take the 30 day workshop with me. You have lost. Game over.

Your worst enemy