Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict

I am done with you your going to hell for this. You are not going to control me. Ever again. Your not going to tempt me to fantisize about woman ever. Expeshally Rebekah if you think you can look up a porn star that looks a little bit like her. Your a pervert a grose disgusting pervert. I am not going to be tempted by you. Your the reason that Arielle hates me. She has to live with those things you did to her. You caused me to masturbate when you have a room mate how do you think he feels. You jacked off right in front of you brother.
Here are my thought processes that I will put in my head and the things I will do to stop.

1. Think that I am loved by family and friends.
2. Thank God for his blessings of friends and family.
3. Know God has a plan for me that is great.
4. Tell my parents and others who should know.
5. Telling my roommate to help.
6. Come to the dorm if need be.
7. When I feel lonely grab my guitar, or grab a pencil or pen start writing.
8. Having temptation there but saying no to it.
9. Think of the future family and the life I want them to have.
10. Not making lousy excuses or finding loopholes so I can masturbate.
I am done with you, you have made me lazy, self-centered, and a moody idiot. This is goodbye.

The Man In Control

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear “Man In Control”

You will not stand a chance against me. You are weak and this whole God crap your going to fall so hard you won’t get up. It will be over. Get this there is nothing better to see you climb so high and fall so hard you paralized.
Here are the things I will make happen:
1. You’ll spend your entier college savings on sex.
2. Your little brother I will get you so angry that he would wish he was dead.
3. Your little sister will feed off her PTSD.
4. You’ll have kids but you’ll leave them when the oldest isn’t even 3.
5. You will say something stupid that will wind you up in jail. You will never got to Camp Winning Spirit.

You weak deal with it I own you. I will destroy you.

The Half You Need