Letter to myself:


Letter from my sex addict:

I have struggled off and on with pornography for most of my married life (30 years). Several years ago I shared this struggle with my wife. And although she was hurt by it, she was very supportive. For a long period of time I was free from it. But the last four to five years have been a struggle again.

I also have a lot of shame and guilt around masturbation. My pornography struggles and this go hand in hand most of the time. But not always.

What complicates things is that my wife has a chronic disease and because of that we have probably only had sex 2-3 times in the past five years.

So I feel guilty when I have sexual urges because she is unable to have sexual relations. And she feels guilty for the same reasons.

I don’t know that I have a question, but I just needed to tell somebody. If you have any insights I would appreciate it.

I just started the 30-Day Porn Free Challenge and am hopeful to break this addiction for good.

Thanks for listening.