Letter to myself:

Dear Masturbation,
You have been with me since I was five years old. I met you at naptime and you have been a companion to me ever since. I know there were some years of my life that we were not in much contact if at all, other years I saw you daily and sometimes more than once a day. I contacted you in many inappropriate places, such as while riding the subway, sitting in the library at school, and riding in the passenger seat of my parents car to name a few. I also met you in my room at night, or even in the day. I learned how to find pleasure with you in public and private without anyone the wiser. I went places with you in my mind that would result in jail time for people in real life. These stories we made up together that brought me to climax would be dark, twisted, and disturbing to others and brought me much shame, so much so that for twenty years it was our little secret. Silence was your power and my shame grew. I tried to repress you, reject my sexuality, and break ties with you many times but I always came back to you eventually. You taught me to please, satisfy, and gratify myself. You taught me to be selfish and impatient. You taught me I didn’t need anybody just myself. Breaking the silence and exposing our secret was my path to freedom and release from your bondage. I no longer want or need you in my life. Good bye.

Letter from my sex addict:

We had good times and I’ve done my duty by leaving my mark on your mind. Sex was so dirty and repulsive to you for so many years. You struggle with physical pleasure during sex with another human being whom you love now. You may have dumped me but I’ve not left you unscathed psychologically and maybe even physically. We were together so long, but I’ve moved on from you already and have already imprisoned so many more. You were not my first and you won’t be my last.