Letter to myself:

Dear masturbator,
What are you doing returning to my life after great years of freedom from looking at porn on the Net and not to mention the act of masturbating even without looking at porn? I thought we had said our goodbyes when I took the setting captives free course a few years ago, but I was wrong since you reared your ugly head not even six months into a new job just because I had doubts as to why I was at the job or what God could possibly do for His kingdom with me at the job. I had doubts but at least my life wife and kids was getting back on track and I was having a good time without, but no you could not stand that my life was getting better without you so you just showed back up and I am miserable all over again,
Why cannot you just leave me alone so that I can have a happy life? Masturbating does not make me happy nor can I ignore life by closing myself in the room engaging in fantasies that leave me exhausted and not fulfilled and not only that the fantasies are not real plus they leave thinking that I am worthless, that I cannot do anything right except masturbate and you have polluted my mind with an infectious disease that is sreading throughout my body. You having me thinking that my penis is not big enough to satisfy my wife and that the only way I can satisfy her is taking the pills that claim I can increase the size of my penis.
The truth is it only makes you happy and does nothing for me or my wife. I fear that if I do anything to terminate this relationship you will go away but than show up again uninvited to make my life miserable. I fear that because you are the one who really makes my life miserable and the circumstances or tests that God is placing in my path that I will never feel happy or find peace and freedom from you.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear sir,

What can I say that will make a difference in this relationship except I thought we were having a good time every time you allowed yourself to masturbate releasing all that sexual tension. You always acted like you felt good and better after you masturbated even before you started reading that book called the Bible telling you your body was a temple for God. You read those passage and still you kept returning to what really made you feel good, and not reading the Bible or even processing you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I was there when you said that you would never return to masturbating or even looking at porn on the Net. Why are you blaming me for my return you worried that when you went to Salt Lake for training for TLP that the motel TV would have porn on and what did you do instead you looked at the images on your Tablet I was there for you, and yet you blame me. If you were serious a about freedom from me and looking at porn on the Net why don’t you just stop? I can find someone who will appreciate me.