Letter to myself:

Hey bro you have decided to go 30 days and take that step and realize what your doing is destroying your future family legacy that you are trying to build. You wanna be diffrent from your Father and your family but if you dont take that step of just giving it up for 30 days and taking a online workshop you will get to a point of no return. You have this amazing resource who is going to help you get back to the point of where God was first and not the internet. I believe in you all those kids who look up to you will be impacted by this also God loves you and your future legacy with your family will not be destroyed.

Letter from my sex addict:

Some days you feel like the strongest person and just your mind is on nothing but positive and some days you feel weak and just wanna go lock yourself in your room and masturbate. I am really not sure how I get to this point in my life. In high school all of the boys at the lunch table talked about it and when you felt your strongest those weak guys tried bringing you down and a few months later I found myself falling into there weak spots of masturbation and watching many porn videos. I dont want to do this anymore but every time i say that I still fall back into that crap.