Letter to myself:

Congratulations. You’ve successfully ruined the image of sexuality and relationships that was taught to me a such a young age. Instead you have distorted and nearly destroyed every aspect of a pure sexual life. Thankfully, there is a God who is bigger than this addiction and issue, and he has reached out to show me what HE intended this to be used for. Although the pain of giving up short term physical pleasure will be present, the life of freedom and joy in the truth will be better than what you gave me. You have threatened my relationship with the ones I love, and that stops here.
Thanks for allowing me to live in pain all these years. Sadly for you but gladly for me, your job here is done.

Letter from my sex addict:

You can’t do this. You try and try countless times to help yourself but your weak and seek what only I can give you. Good luck trying to find something to ease the pain. I’ll be right here waiting for you once you realize you need me. See you soon, loser.