I was first introduced to you when I was only a boy of about 12 years old. You robed me of my innocence by introducing me to sexual images that led to a perverted childhood. In high school you opened the door for me to indulge my fleshly desires by pushing me deeper into pornography. You lied to me and called me a slave, loser, lost and left me spiritually dead and depressed. You attacked my relationship with my girlfriend which resulted in me breaking up with her and entertain suicidal thoughts.

But, God is alive. He calls me His own and gave His one and only son for me while I was still a sinner. Through the countless attempts to quit pornography God remained loving and faithful. He calls me more than a conquer! As I plan my future with my fiance I declare and prophecy that I will live life porn free and use my pain, past and passions to be used of God in this area. All the tears, battles and years of bondage have led up to this moment. I will speak to youth and adults about the truth of pornography and lead and encourage many to freedom and purity. Spirit of lust and pornography you have messed with me too long. You are finished!

In this calling and journey I am not alone. God is on my side. He has also placed men with godly character in my life who will influence, encourage and strengthen me through this journey. I will step out of the boat and into the unknown and commit to:

1: Trust God and be Spirit led by reading and doing the Word daily!

2: Be intentional about what I allow into my mind, eyes and heart.

3: Strengthen my relationship with my accountability partners.

4: Live with integrity and allow God to shape and form my character.

5: Be faithful to my future wife and family.

6: Give God the glory when and how He uses me to speak in this area.

I look forward to the plans God has for me. What He is doing in me and where He is taking me. You, pornography are not allowed. You are not allowed in my relationship with my future wife, home and family. I am more than a conquer!