Letter to myself:

Letter to my Sex addict.

Since i was 9 years old to 38 years old, you controlled my life. I couldn’t think about women without seeing them as a piece of meat and i ended up having a lot of unprotected sex with multiple women. You fooled me into thinking this is the only way to live my life and you kept me in a virtual prison for years and years. I could never have a proper relationship with a woman because all i thought about was sex which you told me was ok and good to do. You told me it was ok to go to unfamiliar places and have sex with whatever woman i wanted to feel good. You told me at work it was ok to watch porn on the computer. You told me it was ok to sexually harass women so they would want to have sex with me. You told me it was ok to look at married women and mothers and fantasize about them. You told me it was ok to masturbate several times a day.


I am taking control back of my life and i am praying to God to help me. I deleted the thousands of pornographic images on my USB drive and deleted the nasty pictures on my phone. I am making a firm commitment to stay away from all those porn sites you told me were good to look at. If i meet a woman now, i will get to know her and abstain from sex. I am liberating myself from this prison and walking free!!

Letter from my sex addict:

Letter from my Sex addict.

Don’t worry. You will be back and i will be waiting for you with open arms. You know who you are and i have been with you for your whole life. Late at night when you are weak, you will come back to me. You will always have shame from watching pictures but that is natural and okay. Its ok to watch porn and have sex with lots of women. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No woman would want to date a freak like you so just keep watching porn and enjoy it!