Letter to myself:

For countless years you have been in control of my life and of everything that I do. You have been like a second personally of me that would take control of me and drag me down into temptation and lust. You are like a shadow that covers me in sin and darkness,that makes everyone I love and care about wonder if im alright or if I am acting like myself. You even gave yourself a name and yourself your own look. Your the dark side of me that I hide from everyone so no one sees the monster I have become and runs away screaming. You are no longer in control of me anymore, I will do everything in Christ who strengthens me to bury you for good so you never hurt me or anyone else again! I will give all I am to my lord and savior Jesus Christ and I will follow him to the ends of the Earth for all eternity. I will tell the truth to everyone and I will not lie to the ones I care about and love. I will keep no secrets from them ever again, everything will be out for everyone to see. I will read my bible everyday and pray to God for guidance and trust him to help me defeat you for good. I will get involved in my church and my community and show people Christ and his never ending love for his sons and daughters. Finally I will help others that struggle with the same problems that I do and I will help them through it so that they don’t have to go down the wrong path but instead walk towards God and his promises and blessings. You can tell me whatever you like and say to me what ever you want but it wont matter because I know I am made in God’s Image and nothing will ever take that away from me and nothing can stand against God’s love for me!


Letter from my sex addict:

You think its gonna be that easy to get rid of me little man! You know you cant get rid of me,you been trying for 5yrs and im still here. Face it you need me,im the side that keeps your life interesting. Without me your life is boring and dull with no fun or entertainment. Without me you are nothing and will always be nothing and if you think im scared of God, then you have another thing coming. How could God love you from all the mistakes and sins you have made in the last 5yrs. Here what im gonna do to you to make your life a living hell. I will ruin all yout friendships and relationships were you will be alone with just me. I will make ever not trust you ever again,everyone will believe you lie about everything when Im done with you.I will ruin your relationship with God and make you think about why would God love me. I will make it to where you will never be happy if you ever get married ever. Finally I will infect your children and lead them down the same path I lead you down. So you can try all you want to get rid of me but we all know your not strong enough and you need me!