Letter to myself:

I’m so tired of you controlling my life. I want rid of you and your control over my wonderful and blessed life. Be gone Devil, be gone for good. I know I am nothing without Jesus and without getting control of this area of my life, I am not destined for the Victory, as Jesus intended. So be gone Devil, I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I will not be controlled by your continual barrage of attacks on my mind or over my body. In Jesus Name, I pray for help, healing and restoration forevermore from this addiction and any other addiction that is keeping me from the gates of Heaven swinging open wide for me, Amen. Rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus Christ, rebuke you satan in the mighty and Holy Name of Jesus Christ, rebuke you satan, go back to the depths of hell where you belong in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Letter from my sex addict:

I have controlled your life for so many years. Your abusive childhood and the lack of significance and self-esteem have helped me gain control of your life. You were never truly loved as a child and I can make you feel loved by physically attracting somebody to you for all the wrong reasons. Your thoughts, actions and Kingdom works, all were consumed by who you became because of me. I have been a thorn in your side for many, many years. I will not let go, just because you want me to. I am always there, haunting, disrupting and controlling your every move or action when it comes to furthering your walk with Christ. I know I am powerless in the presence of Christ, but this one sin has held you in bondage and away from Him, just as I intended when I continually use it against you. As long as you proclaim Him, I cannot touch you, but I know your secrets that the world doesn’t and if you cannot set me free, I will return with a barrage of fiery darts to attempt to destroy you.
your demon satan