Letter to myself:

Sex Addict,

You try to trick me into believing that having sex, watching porn, and masturbating will bring me comfort and happiness and worth. But I know that you lie. All that you do and all that you ever will do is bring shame, emptiness, and brokenness. You have destroyed me and my relationships with the people I truly love. And you have destroyed my relationship with God. But I’m putting a stop to that today. With God’s help I will overcome you and find real love and joy and value in him. All the things I try to gain from you I will no longer turn to you for. I will turn only to God because he truly provides the things you only pretend to provide. With God’s help I will overcome the power you have over me.

Your former slave

Letter from my sex addict:


You underestimate the power I have in your life. You are foolish to think you will ever overcome me. You are a disgusting and worthless slave. It’s almost comical the hope you have in your fairytale God. You disgust me. You are mine. You are trash. The only thing that will get you closer to happiness, value, and wholeness you can find between your legs. You will never succeed, never find joy, never find find value as anything more than a sexual object. God is dead and so is your soul. Enjoy a meaningless, shameful life, you disgusting slut.

Your Master,
Sex Addict