Dear sex addict,

I am through with you. You are destroying my soul because you are eating me from the inside out with your lies. When I feel lonely you go on the attack and make me feel like porn is going to fill the void that only a godly woman can fill in God’s timing. All I need is gods presence and when I let u have ur way I feel disconnected from the presence. I know that you are full of lies because I feel even more lonely. I feel less motivated doing normal things like going to work and it’s because of you. But all of that is going to change in 2014 because this year I am going to make sure to be honest with my friends and trusted accountability partners. I am going to apologize and come clean about the fact that I disabled safari because I wanted to look at porn and make sure it didn’t show up on the reports. You made me do this! I hate the moment right after I looked at porn and masturbated because after that brief moment of pleasure I realize that I just contributed to the degrading of gods daughters and it disgusts me inside to the point I hate myself. So again my addicted self: you are finished! Conquered by honesty! Conquered by transparency! Conquered by biblical integrity!

Not anymore yours truly,