Dear Sex Addict,
You have convinced me that I deserve this. You told me that nobody understands my struggle and that if they did, they would act out as well. You told me that all I’m doing is no different than looking at other guys in the locker room. All guys do that, right? And you told me, that it’s okay to compare and to even envy what I don’t possess. You’ve convinced me that it’s okay to even lust after other men, so long as no one gets hurt or finds out. You lured me into chat rooms and discussion forums all in the name of support, but then I found myself hooked. You knew all along how much I craved attention and affirmation from other guys. You knew that I was totally needy of other guys validating my manhood. You told me it was okay to take time off during a stressful day at work and get online, looking for someone to talk dirty or play show-and-tell. You led me into places where evil men tried to lure me into evil deeds. You placed me in great danger of losing my ministry and my family.

But enough is enough. You can not have my life. It’s God’s. He loves me just as I am. He made me. He knows my shortcomings. He made me for a purpose. He deserves my gratitude, not my narcissistic rebellion. God deserves my commitment to purity. He gave me a healthy body that I have overfed, both with junkfood and sloth. He deserves my utmost. I want to finish strong, not on the sidelines. He gave me a wonderful family. I have a beautiful wife whom he has saved from cancer. She loves me just as I am. Why should I crave anyone else’s attention. God gave me two wonderful children who grew up to be wonderful adults. Why would I ever want to destroy our relationship over some fleeting fantasy? God gave me 3 beautiful grandchildren. I want nothing more than to love on them and give them a safe refuge from life’s hurts and temptations.

So because of all that, I’m sure you will understand why you can no longer hangout with me. We are through. I hope you get the help you need to live in freedom from you destructive addiction