Letter to myself:

Dear addicted self

Youve been at this for way too long. Youve hid it in so many ways, and tried on your on to get over it so many times, yet nothing ever seems to work. The reality of it is, you cant do this. You cant do it without the realization that you will need God, and His everlasting love, grace and forgiveness…and that you will need everything you can throw at this, every tool, accountability partner…everything to surround yourself with the best things. But there is hope, and you WILL be free. Keep going, dont give up in the battle. God loves you so much…and His will for your life is to be free, to not have to deal with this addiction any longer…to eventually have a family, in His will, and to maybe have the blessing of raising kids in a porn free home. You can do this.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear Sam

Ive been stuck in this , and I keep falling back into it. The way society is going today…its so easy to get tempted, see something that turns me on, get some crazy images and thoughts exploding through my mind, and so on. Porn is so easily accessible its nuts…just a few clicks away…but…ive never had such a strong will and desire to get rid of this forever. When I think of dragging this into marriage, or into family life…it repulses me. I dont want that. I need to get over this…and I will.