Letter to myself:

since I can remember I have always been a christain and have loved the Lord. I didn’t come to know him on a more personal note till my tenth grade year in high school. Now I’m a sophomore in college and I feel as though the intimacy is gone. I now the Lord will never leave nor forsake me, but this problem of looking at porn is killing me. I once went two years without looking at porn and I thought I was free, but I still master bated leaving the door wide open for the enemy to come back in. And sadly that exactly what happened. I fell right back into the same old trap. Look bro, you need to take responsibility and brace the humility because your not going to be able to do this on your own. You need support and you need to run to Jesus, if when you do blow it. The reason being is because he is the only one who can give life, so running from him won’t make it better. It will make the situation worse. You need to surrender to him and give up your pride and lay down your free time at his feet. When you strive for him, you become more like him and those disgusting habits will fade away as your eyes fix on Jesus the author and perfecter of faith. You have to go because I can’t be the man God has called me to be and I certainly can’t be the husband my future wife wants me to be.

Letter from my sex addict:

dude, why am I still here. I can’t believe you have let me hang around this long. How long are you going to allow me to hunt you? I know when you feel the happiest and it’s certainly not when you run to me, your prono side. You feel the most joy when you are at Jesus’s feet! You feel alive and at peace. You feel as though you have a purpose, one that can make a difference! So let me go, let the Lord through me I to thee abysss where I will never surface again!