Letter to myself:

Watching porn is absolutely unacceptable in the life of a Christian man. You are not allowed to follow These seductive imaginations in your mind. Every time that appears you have to decide between the will of Jesus Christ and your egoistic lust. As a real believer you are obliged to appreciate women in every way, no matter you have a bad day or not. You don´t have permission to make women to your personal fullfillers of your sexual fantasies. You will be free one day, but the way to this higher quality of life is painful and you have to search Jesus and pray consequently every day.

Letter from my sex addict:

Every time this temptation is appearing i can`t resist this seduction in my head because it is too strong, It is so powerful and it looks innocent at first, but thoughts are developing further and it is going a pervert way which feels awfull afterwards. The next day after having watched porn is very hard, becaus I feel worthless, stupid, unwanted by god and in danger of being thrown to hell one day. In fact I am scared that this thoughts will never go and destroy my whole life, but in the Name of Jesus they have to be banned and beaten out of my mind.