Dear addict,

You tricked me. You hurt me more than I even knew. When I think about everything you’ve done to me all I can think of is how the Eskimos used to dip knives in seal blood and wolves would come and lick the blade of the knives until the wolves would expose the blade and still tasting blood the wolf continues to lick the blade without knowing that it’s the wolfs own blood untill the wolf is dead. That’s what you’ve been doing to me. Stuck on sex, ruining relationships that I tried to start. Making me feel shameful with my family and friends. Now I have an amazing girlfriend with an amazing family who supports me and supports her and what do you do you sabatoge that by making me think that I need sex from her for me to understand that she loves me and when I don’t get it from her, I listen to you and tried to get it from other girls. I’m tired of you. I’m tired of how you ruin my life and my mind. I’ve wasted money, time, and myself on you. It needs to stop. I’ve let you guide my actions for far too long and this is where it needs to end. I’m really sad to know that saying good by to you hurts me and makes me sad but I absolutely need to leave you.