Letter to myself:

Dear Busted,

For over 50 years you have walking the tight-rope of disaster. You have come so close to throwing away everything more times than anyone could count. You’ve wasted hours, days, years in self-absorption. These are all hours, days, years that you can never have back. They are gone – lost to the winds of lies and deception.

You have recently opened the door to a whole new world of destruction. So dark, so dangerous that I dare not put it on this page. But we both know you are heading for a sure and complete fall.

There is no one to blame but you. Not the elders ruthless decision. Not your mate’s sexual coldness. Not your father’s death. You and you alone are to blame.

But today you were busted. Caught by the love of your life in the very act. Thrown at Jesus’ feet with rocks in hand, the demons of hell prepared to stone you. And they have every right. Guilty!

But in your love’s hurt you found grace. Mercy instead of scorn. Forgiveness instead of rejection. Don’t ever forget her face, her tears, her “don’t touch me!”

You have but one chance to build integrity, to build trust. NEVER FORGET September 9, 2015.


Letter from my sex addict:


I am so sorry for the pain I have caused you. I have stolen so much from you. Your integrity, your laughter, your peace, your faith. I almost took your family, your job, your beautiful wife.

I am so sorry! But now is your chance – your day – your time. You cannot change or relive the past that I have stolen from you,but you can choose your future.

NEVER FORGET September 9, 2015.

Your lost self.