Letter to myself:

Hi sex addict, I’m tired of you lying to me saying I’m worthless, stupid, and ugly.
I’m tired of being manipulated by those lies and destroying my life, my happiness, and my future. So I now have a new life system. A. I have family and a god who love me. B. God did not make me stupid he made me smart. C. God did not make me ugly he made me uniqe. A. Do not lie to ones who care for me. B. Stay true to my family, myself, and my soul. C. There is no just me and you. It is now me, my family, and my friends.

Letter from my sex addict:

hey where did those big words come from. I’m not Lying to you I’m telling the truth. I’m manipulating you, no I’m controlling you and your fears. Also I’m not destroying your life I’m giving you happiness even ifit is just a little. Here’s your real life system. A. Your family your leaving them your friends will just leave you. B. God made you smart ha your pathetic. C. Uniqe, who gives a crap about uniqe, if your ugly your ugly. Now let me say something to you you might stay this way for a little bit but if you slip ill be their to make sure you stay on the ground forever. And font forget I’m apart of.you me and you are one you can never escape me.