Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict,

I will be frank with you. You are no longer welcome in my life. Now I cannot remember when you came into my life I believe when I was a kid probably around (10-12 yrs of age). But ever since then you have been slowly ruining my life with me realizing it until now. I have recently become homeless because of you. In retrospect I am glad I did because that was the wake up call I needed to get you out of my life. I come from a strong catholic family and was no brought up that way. God loves me and no matter how many times ive had failed in trying to break you. He welcomes me back with open arms. Not to mention the pain and distrust I have put my family throughout the years. I know I am worth loving the right way and that someone out there is the world is worth the love I can give in the right way and not to a computer screen. But a real genuine personal relationship that is not based all on sex. I know I have the support in my corner to break you. Especially my mother, who has struggled with her weight for the longest time but now is getting it under control. I will be looking to her for strength when temptation comes along. To know if she can do it I can do it too. To break bad habits. I will mediate and pray to god for help and keeping on the right path. Because with his aid I am able to do anything. Moreover, as I am writing this ALL ALONE I could be on a porn site jerking away but I AM NOT! Im writing this to say we are through! To be quite honest the past few times I have slipped I was thinking to myself this is stupid. Why waste my time looking at over enhanced women with huge fake boobs and probably fake orgasms in an entirely fake world. When I could be out with friends meeting new people in the REAL world and making meaningful fulfilling relationships that will last . Whereas you may last a few minutes of empty joy. I want to actually LIVE my LIFE. and not slowly internally die and waste away behind a computer screen! So I am sorry to inform you that this will be the end of the line. God created life to be lived to the fullest and not behind a computer screen. So for the first time in my life I am going to make a adult decision and start fresh and a new life one that will be without you. GOOD BYE!!


Letter from my sex addict:

Hey dude!

So you think you can get rid of me. You cant! You are lonely, and self conscious and you have a low self esteem. That is why you come to me to look at women you would never get with in your actual life and pretend your banging them. I have your mind and you cant shake me.