Letter to myself:

For the last couple of years you were my filthy personal secret. Nobody but myself knew about you. I succumbed to you too often and let you control me. I gave you my power and you used it. I was afraid of losing my family and friends, or disappointing them and losing their trust.

I’ve now realised how weak I was, and how I let you control me. You had me convinced. So now I’ll no longer let you control me. Pornography will have no hold over me, because I belong to God and God has saved me already.

I will:
Read God’s word everyday
Stop Lying and be honest
Stop fearing losing people, as my true friends love me and will help me through it.

So goodbye forever, I hope to see you never.

Letter from my sex addict:

You really think this is the end. You’ve said it so many times before but you always come crawling back.
Please prove me wrong, please.
I’ll destroy your life otherwise, you’re future as well, in ways that will crush your relationships with the close people you have around you, and your reputation will be in pieces.
Yours dearly, your best freinemy.