Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict

I’m writing you this letter to say i have had enough of you in my life. 15 years of porn addiction is far too much for someone who is only 31. Almost half my life has been devoted to you. I can barely remember when i used to just live my life. God never intended for sex to be this way. Someday i hope to get married and be fully devoted to my wife as God intends a husband to be. But in order for that to happen you cannot be in my life anymore. You have cost me many jobs and much money. Not to mention all the time i wasted which could have been spent serving God. I’m done allowing you to make me feel good at the cost of my entire existence. Personal pleasure is not worth the pain, misery, fear and loneliness you bring with it. I was a fool for ever believing you and you have brought me down for years now. I thank God he has finally shown me what you really are.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear weakling

Your letter brings a smile to my face. How many times i have heard you say you wouldn’t come back only to return that very same day? You have never been in control and never will be. And let’s face it, why would you want to be? Life with me is easy and you know how good it feels. Any desire or fantasy is at your fingertips just let me bring it to you. Since your alone anyway who is it really hurting? I look forward to watching you struggle and fail AGAIN.