Dear long time “companion”–

I’m through believing your lies. Your promissory notes always come back with “insufficient funds” stamped on them. Why have I fallen for the same old cons again and again? Now that I have thought about it, why do you pose as life-giving and exotic when only deliver a heap of guilt, condemnation and heartache. I wasn’t born to conform to your whims. I was made for so much more than you could hope to offer!

The True Light has shone in my heart and here’s the ugly truth. All is exposed along with my guilt. The cleansing and healing I so desperately need is already underway. Though all is “under the blood,” you do your best to convince me that it’s for naught, that my choices don’t really matter. After all, I’ve messed up so many times. So, with your rationalizations, freedom and salvation is an illusion, impossible.

So I’m done listening to the gaping emptiness that leaves my soul hollow and my heart robbed of joy. You are no longer in charge. The Light drives out darkness. There’s no more night!
I’m only sorry it took so long to get to this!

Walking in the Light, NOT the night…