Letter to myself:

You have acted out so many times even when you have gotten help from so many people. You fall so easily into temptation and don’t try anything to get right with God. You take the easiest, laziest route to satisfy your earthly desires by fantasizing about sex and acting out through porn. Your anxiety, stress and fear is on the brink of costing you your relationship with your loving girlfriend, friends and your career in the end. At what cost will you risk losing these incredible gifts from God just so you can satisfy your worth from looking at porn. It is minutes of satisfaction followed by days, or in this case, years since I was 18 years old of stress and fear and anxiety. What will this next year look like if you really were serious about beating your addiction.

Letter from my sex addict:

I have had the upper hand since day 1 of introducing you to porn. I have brought you down and down again into the pit of shame and guilt, and once you feel like you have stepped out, i kick you back down. I highly doubt that writing this letter is your way of actually finding victory over lust and porn. Let’s see what you got.