Letter to myself:

Letter to My Addict
This is absolutely enough. You crept into my life when I was you and impressionable. You came in at a time when I was weak, defenseless, and quickly overpowered as a result of my curiosity. I am no longer weak. God has given me the strength to defeat you. I have realized the sneaky ways in which you have tricked me into believing certain things. I have seen the problem with you, and I understand the way you affect my life. I will not let you ruin my life, my family, my friendships, my everything. I will not let you mold the person I want to become, that will be only God that can do that. I will not be defeated by you. I will rip out every facet of why you exist to me. I will create a plan to overcome you in every way. This is what I will do
1. I will check my XXXchurch account every day for the next 30 days and watch a video or partake in an activity. I am no longer going to passively think I can do it, but actively pursue perfection.
2. I will spend some time every day, even if it is not much, reading my bible and praying for this.
3. I will not poison my life with images from my smartphone that start the feeling.
4. I will reach out to someone I am close with and tell them about you, so that they can build me up and we can defeat you together.
I have restored confidence and power over you. You absolutely will not defeat me, not once more.

Letter from my sex addict:

You have tried all of this before. There was even a time where you were successful. You were able to keep me away for a considerable time. Did you actually feel any better? You didn’t. There was still nothing good in your life, and you came running back to me. And now, I have even more control in your life. You can’t escape from me because you need me. You won’t be able to sleep, you won’t be able to focus because every day you spend away from me, you will feel stronger and stronger pulls to come sprinting back and just maintain what you were doing. It was working right? You were getting good grades, still had intimate relationships, and maintained a relationship with your family. You can do this repeatedly and not feel the problems that these nut-jobs are talking about. Everyone does it, your roommates do it, your friends do it, and society does it. It really doesn’t matter that much because you are more “Christian” than most of them, this is just one area. I am not worried at all about your 30 day challenge, you will be right back here with me in no time.