Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict,

You had me for the last time, I spent nights & days fighting against you. Suppressing my inner urges but no more! I depend on the Lord my God and In the name of Jesus I am free! No more chains no more you coming back & forth, no more tears or depression. You have robbed enough of my joy and I Shall Stand!! I shall fight & move foward.

What will I do to overcome this obstacle!
A. Have faith & Depend on the lord
B. Feed myself with the word of God & meditate daily
C. Focus on Music and upcoming albums
D. Find soneone to be accountable to!
E. Finish the Book about sexual purity & learn from my Mentors
F. Join bible school (Kairos) and seek to know God better
G. Fight & not Give up on first opportunity
H. Stay true to my Word, Keep my Virtues & Commitements to God & Myself


Letter from my sex addict:

Dear Ignorant Child,

You think you’re even close to achieving freedom? You can’t fight this! You’re like your father, there is no hope or freedom against lust and everyday i’ll be ready to remind you I’m always here. I’m always watching, waiting because I know you shall return to me! No matter what I’ll always have my way into your life & you know it. Give up now instead of resisting. Honestly I don’t get you? This is Pointless. Be ready cuz I’m coming! I’m the wreckless version of you, the better version the version where we used to acquire money and be famous. You will fall back here no worries. See you soon