Dear porn addict
overall you’ve been reigning now for a while now. I kick you out, but you’ve come back everynow and then.
Well, this time you’re leaving for good. There’s no ressurection for you this time! (in fact, i dont think you really died..well this time you’re goind down for good!)
I’m really sick of everything, all the time you made me waste, all the guilty you made me feel, all the damage you’ve caused to my brain, i feel like some of the pictures and videos have actually been somehow burned in some compartiment of my head, i remember them so lively… Well, the list goes on and on.
But the thing is, i found something Stronger, i found a more desirable Being! and He’s helping to get rid of you. His name is Jesus Christ, and He told me i can call up on Him anytime, because he’s always with me.
Now all the time, energy, thoughts i’d usually invest to satisfy your filth habit, i’m actually gonna use to develop this relationship with Jesus. Because He loves me and He’s real, unlike you cheeseface =P

Your overcomer!
Soli Deo Glori