Letter to myself:

Dear addicted me,

It’s time you went away for good! I am so done with your crap! I rebuke you in the name of Christ Jesus! You use all this pornographic material to give yourself temporary pleasure. Sex is not about pleasure. It’s about intimacy. Pornography and masturbation are about pleasure. True sex is about true intimacy between two people! True intimacy is so much better than temporary sexual pleasure. You need to do yourself a favour and seek the Lord! Maybe even get yourself a girlfriend! Whereas your sexual pleasures are temporary, true love is eternal! God is love!

– You

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear me,

You’re right. I’m so sorry. I should have never done that to you. I need to stop. True relationships aren’t like the ones seen in porn. It’s disgusting. I need true intimacy. The truth is I have a void and I’ve been using porn to fill that void. Porn can only fill that void temporarily. I need true intimacy. I should truly start seeking the Lord. Thanks for convicting me.

– You