Letter to myself:


It’s bad. Real bad. And it’s eating me. It’s ruining my work and play…and stopping my relationship with God and other people. The shame itself is stifling. I’m mad at myself that I can’t will through it or even get help…like I stuck in fear.

Impurity breaks relationships. Shame is already forgiven by Christ. And fear is an illusion.

These things piling on me haven’t been motivation enough. The only thing that will work is a decision to say no and get help from God and people.

I want to pray. Everyday. I want to pray that God helps me view women in a wholesome light…and that He guides me to real sexual purity. And I will choose to believe He will do these things.

I will commit to accountability. I’ve just signed up with a trusted friend who knows the struggle and will keep me encouraged equipped.

Letter from my sex addict:

Do it. You can do it. Stop making it about why you shouldn’t do porn and all its negativity, you know this stuff.

Make it about all the goodness that will happen when you’re living in purity! That’s what will make it worth it. Not dwelling in the dark, but surging towards the light!