I’m sure you’ve had your fun for many years. Stealing pieces of me at a time, convincing me it’s normal with your sweet words of comfort and acceptance. You knew me and you knew how to play me. You knew every weakness; every insecurity; every doubt I had about myself…well, this is my last dialogue with you. I have had enough of your filthy lies, you lie and lie and tell me I’m worthless and alone and meant to be alone, you appeal to my need for wanting to be liked and abuse my heart…ENOUGH!!! Shut your mouth and go back to the hole you came out of. I never want to see you again; I never want to hear your voice. Today, I live free…I run free. I am a son of Jesus Christ, I belong to him and he has forgiven me, he is my life and champion, he is my future and you’re in my past, a fading memory that will cease to exist with every step I take toward righteousness. I will be a great boyfriend, I will become a faithful husband and I will be a trustworthy father. I am saved and I am made whole in the name of Jesus. Jesus is crazy about me, he loves me and cares for me. I am strong and I am bold, I am passionate and I have a purpose, I was born for greatness and I will do great things for my great God! GET OUT AND NEVER LOOK BACK! This is me saying your time is over, now GET OUT!