Letter to myself:

Dude, your better than this. You realize you are not Alone but you will indeed be alone if you don’t stop. Stress is not. An excuse, neither is trickery. You know what you are doing and youve gotta stop. We are all aware of you saw as a kid. And how long you have been doing this off and on. Doesn’t freedom sound so great yet so difficult? For the girls be strong. With jesus guidance you can do it. This stuff isn’t you, and yet it’s all you ever known. Please let’s move on and move up.

Letter from my sex addict:

Coward. Wait till your home alone again. You know I can get you. You have no chance. You navigate through Any block like a seasoned pro. You embellish to evade the truth. You are scum and so am I, why stop? No one will ever know.