Dear Fleshy Fernell

You and I got along very well in the past. I thought you were my friend, all your ideas appealed to me. I even thought you would keep my girlfriend around and give me some kind of new found confidence that everyone could see, but that no one could take from me. But you’re a liar! All you brought me was pain, anxiety, guilt, and depression. You made me believe I had found what I needed to fit in to this crazy world, and put myself with everyone else. You had me down. I was yours. You were my lord. I moved when you said move. I acted when you said act. And I was happy when you said I was happy which wasn’t unless I was buried in my own sin, but I bet you never counted on me finding my Jesus did you. The Holy Spirit now directs my paths, changed my thoughts, and put you in cage. How does it feel to be powerless? Not fun is it. Well get used to it, you and I no longer have any business together. I am in Jesus now, and he dwells in me. I am a new man. You have faded away, Your power, drive, pull, and position have been stripped from you. In others words your’e fired! My Lord and Savior has given me new desires. Have fun the clink homie.

Sincerely, Product of Grace FJM2ND