Dear Joshua,
You are such an amazing person in the lives of those around you. I enjoy that you are always working hard to get a job done and enjoying the company of the friends around you. But, there is a job you really need to get done. I’ve been watching you masturbate for years, and you procrastinate in your path to finishing this habit. Just tonight, the night after you got home from choir retreat, you did it again. Pleasuring yourself through sinful desires of sinful flesh.
You made yourself a promise a couple years ago: no girlfriend, until you’ve gone six months pornography free. I haven’t seen you get there. I want, with every part of me, to see you get there. Dude, prom is a little more than six months away. Are you going to waste away an amazing opportunity like that, because of your penis? God created the bond between man and female to be sacred.
Every time you look at that screen in privacy with porn playing, you tear your relationships with those you care about right down the center. The people in your life deserve better; you deserve better. Be all that you can be, please. Do it for them, do it for yourself, do it for Emily. You love her. She may not see it, she may never see it. But, how will she ever see it if you hide in the basement doing this crap?! She’s beautiful, gorgeous, Godly! And how can you try to be the one for her? Don’t try to impress her. Seek God.
Seek Him, and he will turn you into an amazing man. You are great now, but imagine what you could be, by defeating this one obstacle! It has held you down for years. You have the strength to do powerful things. But you are made powerless by one thing. I love you, your parents love you. Ben loves you too. But most importantly, God loves you. Even though Ben and Brian are the only two you’ve told. God knows; he knows it all. Every facet of your life, and He is rooting for you! He’s not only rooting for you, He’s waiting on the sideline, waiting for you! Call to Him, please. He’s waiting. Satan wants nothing more, than for you to surrender, just like you did tonight. He wants you to forsake your God, The One who made you! He made you! He knows you. Call on Him, and He will make your paths straight.
Habits die hard. You’ve been feeding this habit for too long, and your window is closing. You’ve fought, but not hard enough. Stay strong in your Lord! Stay strong! Call upon Him in your time of weakness. Request His presence in the dark! Seek Him when you are lost in the shroud of darkness. He loves you, and He is there for you.
You can make it there. You have a lovely road awaiting you! There will be trial, pain, suffering, loneliness even! But why wait to clean your wounds? Do it for yourself. Do it for your friends, family. Do it for the wife awaiting you. They all love you. God loves you most. And he can move mountains. You’ve witnessed His power in your life. Let Him overcome you weakness.

You have prom ahead of you, and a woman to take. Be there.