dear porn addict; and soon to be sex addict if you continue,
you have cost me too much in almost every area of my life,my ministry,my friends,my time/communion to God, you have distorted my view of women and their bodies for far too long now, im writing this letter to you to say that its over between you and me, im not throwing away everything i love just for a few moments of satisfaction. it wouldnt be easy this i know, but it will be worth it! christ has made me a new creation now im gonna start being one. im sick of the emptiness in me the lack of joy in my life now i know that you cant for fill that in my life and that by God’s strength power and might will you be crushed. i hate you because i love God. HE will get me through anything,HE will always love and protect me and never forsake me. im forsaking you now by the power of christ in me. cause other wise i will die will you.