Letter to myself:


How have you been?

I know you are trying so hard to live a pure live and please the Lord, but this porn stuff is bugging you a lot and now you feel like a failure sometimes. i want to remind you today that in God you can have freedom and live a life that is pure even in your thoughts. No matter how deep you are in this God will never stop loving you. Trust in Jesus to help you during temptations….when God provides a way of escape, promise me you will obey Him and take it. RUN if you must. It is better to be a foll in the eyes of men than to constantly abuse the Grace that God provide…Never give up on yourself and when you fail do not condemn yourself, instead look up to Heaven where your help comes from. Be strong I love you.


Letter from my sex addict:


keep trying maybe one day we will part with this lust thing…..hahahaha