Letter to myself:

Hello, thats I hope these are my last words to u. Because u broke my life. U broke the way I think bout myself. U broke the way I think God thinks of me. Don’t want u anymore in my life. I don’t want to see ur face or hears ur nasty voice every time I close my eyes. I want to be healed and I believe God will heal me.
I will go to my praying groom every Wednesday. I will read The Bible everyday. Every time I will want to come back to porn I will scream to God, so He would help me. He will send Angels to protect me from u.
I don’t want u anymore, u r not welcomed in my life. I want u to get out. Right now.
Now Im sure. These r my last words to u.
I hope God will be fair and will treat u right.

To never see u again, New Me.

Letter from my sex addict:

We will see. If ur God is so omnipotent why He even let u know me? Why would He let our relationship happen. I would be impressed if these were ur last words to me. This would be really funny, because we had so much fun together.
But here, see u, maybe soon maybe not.