Letter to myself:

Dear daughter of Zion, you are bigger than every temptation that comes your way! You are loved by God and he has granted you the abundant grace to overcome. All you have to do is tap into this fountain of love, grace and mercy that is already available to you, Remember that you are loved by God and bought by his blood, remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit so you have to keep it pure!!! Daughter of the most high God, the grace of God is very sufficient, use it wisely and do not abuse it..

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear Me,

This has to stop!!! The enemy is trying so hard to pull you into the sea of Pornography, you watch sparingly or that’s what the enemy is telling you.. Flee from every appearance of evil commands the lord, flee from sexual immorality and honor the lord your God with your body! I know breaking certain cycles are quite difficult but you are going to obey the word of the lord because he says in his word that whosoever commits sin, is a slave to sin but you and I know that you are a daughter of God, a chosen generation and a royal priesthood. You have to start behaving like one, no matter how tough it gets, you have to start acting and living like the daughter of a king that you are because if you are not careful, once in six months will become once in three months, then once a month, weekly and then daily…..But that won’t happen because by the blood of Jesus, we are going curb this disease from its roots, we are going prevent it from spreading and we are going use the only antidote( the blood of Jesus) available to fight this battle… Victory is yours in the name of Jesus, Amen.