Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict

I you are no longer in control of me, i will not allow you to control, manipulate, overpower, use my fears against me, and most importantly lie me…ever again…because with i can do anything with God my side…you have taken control over my life for the last time and im done being your door mat…you have taken everything from me for last time…you stole my marriage, my emotions, my pride, my happiness, my free will, my kids, my confidences…you took everything from me…you didn’t give me pleasure, you gave me anger, you didn’t grant me happiness, you gave me self hatred, you didn’t show me love, you showed hatred, you made me feel worthless and alone…im done with you…get out of my life and never come back…you are dead to me now and forever…as long as i breath…

1. i will choose God
2. i will pray and read Gods word
3. i will obey Gods commandments
4. i will have honor, courage, and commitment
5. i will confidence in oneself
6. i will tell the truth
7. i will not deluge in self hatred
8. i will be slow to anger
9. i will love my wife
10. i will choose my wife
11. i will choose my kids
12. i will choose self love
13. i will work out daily
14. i will eat healthy
15. i will take care of my body
16. i will not lust for anything
18. i will be free
19. i will teach other
20. i will stop you from destroying someone else’s marriage
21. i will expose the truth

im no longer your for the taking
Thomas, Christopher

Letter from my sex addict:

dear Christopher Thomas

you think you can get rid of me that easily think again you know im stronger then you…you failed over and over again…no matter how hard you try i will come back strong each time…you can’t stop me just like you can’t stop breathing…you are worthless, stupid, unloved, not cared for, pathetic, weak in all areas…i will destroy everything you worked for…your dreams, your hope, your faith, your wife, your kids, and most importantly your self…we can do it the easy way or you can fight me…trust me i will win…i have won 7 time so far and you have lost every time…and each time i grow stronger and took more from you…but go ahead fight me see what else i can take from you…what do you got to lose…wait everything that right.

i will win again and again
sex addict