Letter to myself:

Dear My Sex Addict,

You are ruining my life. The vice of porn is growing increasingly tight around my neck because of your deceptive fleeting pleasure. I am going into ministry and I can’t even control my sexual desires. The momentary pleasure that you provide is nothing in comparison to the joy of God’s salvation.

I know that you have been with me since I was a kid. However, I know that the only you have been with me is so that I could supress the pain of my past sexual abuse. I am finished with living my life as a lie, because of your selfish desires. I am thoroughly disappointed that you have been with me this long. Today I am saying goodbye. I am done basking in the guilt, shame and humiliation of your lies.

In fact, I am making pragmatic choices as of now so that I will never have the desire to be associated with you again:

1.) Be honest with my girlfriend
2.) Never lie to accountability partners
3.) Completely adhere to this 30 day challenge
4.) Pray constantly that God would restore me to the joy of His salvation
5.) Flee from sexual temptations in all forms of culture
6.) Meditate and study God’s word daily
7.) Know that God desires to set me free from the bondage of my sin
8.) Enjoy the spiritual pleasures of abstinence
9.) Reach out to an accountability partner whenever I am being tempted
10.) Install a filter on my devices

I am leaving you today, and it is going to be the best thing I have ever done. I am doing this for God’s glory, my girlfriend’s dignity, Christ’s righteousness and for my own damn sanity.

I abhor you,

Letter from my sex addict:


It’s me again. Remember all those late night visits I had with you. Remember every time you didn’t feel worthy to worship God because I was your friend. Oh, how about all the lies you have told so that you can continue to be my friend, do you remember those? The best part is that you’ll continue to do the same thing over and over again do you can be with me! I know you want to come back to me. I know you’ll do anything to be with me. You aren’t worthy of going into ministry anyway, so come away with me. I’m not hurting your girlfriend. Remember, what she doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt. You are too cowardly to stop hanging out with me. Just wait until late at night when I come knocking on your door again, you’ll answer.

Importantly, remember that porn is natural, and that at least you aren’t acting it out physically with other girls. You are not hurting anyone by being with me, we both know that.

Well, see you soon.

Your Affectionate Sex Addict