Letter to myself:

Yo. I need you to stop please. You are my downfall, you are my rage, you are my secrets and you are my guilt. I have had enough of you, you hold out flowers that look so beautiful but when I get close I see that they are fake and artificial but never die. While you hold fakes, my God holds seeds; easy to overlook yet even more spectacular when flourished. It takes care and attention but it is worth it, worth it to see it sprout out the ground, worth it to see the first leaves appear, worth it to see the bud grow and worth it to see it blossom and then continue to grow in beauty.

Ive had enough of the fakes, I want the real thing and I’m not settling for less.

See you later gator (or not)


Letter from my sex addict:

Sup loser, you think you can break this? I’m as necessary to you as water! We’ve been together a long time and you know what I’ve noticed? you’re weak. You crave relationship, and then when that turns out to be fake you come running back to me, to your reality. Whose the fake now? I am your release, your relationship! Why try and throw me away? Of course, if you do, you won’t be who you were at the beginning, in fact you wont even recognise yourself once I’m through and after I’m done with you I’ll make sure Liz finds someone BETTER THAN YOU and Ill let him be and keep you suffering, Ill prevent any other relationship and prevent family and friendships, I WILL BE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, I CAN EVEN BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND.

with love from you sickness