Letter to myself:

Well here we are. We’ve been together for some time now, you and I. For years we were apart and now back together again. I’ve been so ashamed of you. I tried to ignore you and close my ears to your voice. I’ve judged you in a most severe way, dismissing any value you may have had. You sought to bring me joy, excitement, meaning and comfort. In a way, I believe you meant well. However, I’ve suffered for it, we’ve suffered for it. I am you and you are me. For the longest time, I didn’t allow space for that. You were left in the gutters of my judgment and rejection. There was no room for you in my inn. This is changing. I’ve made space for you in my life. It’s not a five star hotel but you can feel free to call it home. It’s a safe place for you. A place that wants to understand who you are and how you feel. It’s a place where I’d like you to experience love,grace and acceptance. I’m going to ask you to trust me. I’m not perfect and I know I haven’t been kind to you. I’d ask for your forgiveness and would love to have you come in and make yourself at home.

Letter from my sex addict:

I appreciate the kindness that your offering to me. I’ve known for sometime that you’ve had ill feelings towards me and for good reason I suppose. I’ve led you to places that have caused you great pain. It’s always been confusing for me because you always seemed so excited to go there and hang out. You seemed so happy there. It’s only afterwards that I feel like you regret going. Then you talk about trying to fix me and found thought wasn’t changing anything. Then you thought you’d try and get rid of me by ignoring me. How did that work out for you? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I didn’t like what I was doing either? Did you ever think about how I felt when you ignored me phone calls or turned a deaf ear to my banging on your front door. You’re judgment and shame was a cold and scary place to live in. I’m speechless that you have made a space for me in your heart. I like the sound of having peace. I think we’ve both been longing for it this whole time. Yes, I forgive you. I know you’re not perfect, nor am I. I’m looking forward to this new place called home. May we both find the peace and healing that we so desperately need and crave.