Letter to myself:

You have to stop! I know for the past 10 years you have thought this was acceptable, you thought this was ok, you thought “this is jus what men do” but that is not true at all!!!! You are poisoning your mind and causing yourself to be attached to women on a computer screen! You are also supporting an industry that rapes women, ruins their lives, and other awful things! Is that what you want to be know for! Every time you view that stuff you are cheating on your beautiful bride to be!!! It’s time to grab your sword and go into warfare and end this ADDICTION!

Letter from my sex addict:

It’s hard, it controls me! Even when I don’t want to do it I do it! I’ve watched porn in the bathroom at work, school, and home. I’ve master bated pretty much everywhere. I just like that feeling i get in my gut of release, I think when I’m stressed I like to use climaxing as a tool to numb my mind! I love the feeling, I love watch people have sex it just turns me on! I know this isn’t healthy and i’m ready for a change for God, Me, My Wife, and Family!