Letter to myself:

Dear sex/pornography addict,, I am finally taking steps to get my life back. I have spent so many years listening to you tell me that everything was okay and that there was nothing wrong with what i was doing and that it was perfectly normal and acceptable. I now know that for all those years you were LYING to me! You were always telling me that what i was doing wasnt hurting anyone another LIE! Before i knew it you had taken over my life. You were all that i thought about a lot of the time. You took control of every part of my being. Well now i say NO MORE!!! I will no longer let you be in control of my actions or my life. I will no longer let you haunt my every waking moment nor remain always in the back of my subconscious mind. I am going to take back the control that you stole from me and in order to do that i am willing and ready to do the following:

1) I am no longer going to follow you in my life i am going to give control of my life over to God
2) I am going to finally accept the fact that i cannot do this on my own and need help
3) I am not going to give in to you and give you back the control that you once had over me
4) I am going to stop the lies that i have been telling myself, and the ones closest to me
5) I am going to start holding myself accountable for my actions

YOU ARE NO LONGER IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE!!!! I will do what i must to keep control over my life
Someone in control

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey there buddy, I dont think you realize how hard it is going to be to get over me and i dont think you can do it. I mean come on how many times have we been down this road together before, you have said that you were done with me, yet every single time you have eventually come crawling back and the cycle has started all over again. So you know that i am going to do whatever i can to make you feel shameful and empty and bring you down until you have nothing left by doing the following:

1) I will make sure that your family and everyone that you love finds you disgusting and repulsive and make sure they want nothing to do with you
2) I will bring you down and make you feel shameful everyday of your life
3) As for your girlfriend enjoy being with her while you can because once i am done making sure she knows what you are and what you do when you are alone, she will want to run as far away from you as she can and will run into the arms of someone else
4) If you ever have children i will make sure that they grow up just as empty and distant as you are and make sure that they are just as cold and addicted as you
5) Your children will constantly be left wondering where their dad is as will your wife

So again i hope you realize what kind of a fight you are in for! This will be the biggest fight of your life and it will be a fight that no matter how hard you try you will not be able to win. You will come back to me just you wait!
Sincerely, Your “friend” addiction