Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict,

You have ruined my life! I have let you control me and manipulate myself and others close to me that there is nothing wrong. You have gave a quick source of satisfaction but life time of guilt, humility, embarrassment and heartache to my self and most importantly to my family.
Because I have let you control me I have hurt the most important woman of life, my wife. This is the woman that gave birth to my children, the woman that played mommy and daddy when I had to leave for a deployment and every other time I had to leave home, the woman who worked hard to lose weight for me because she wanted to be beautiful for me. Now she don’t trust…. because of you. I felt I wasn’t a man, a good enough husband and a bad father.
Starting to day I will take control of life. I will not let you back in my life. I will ask God to not fix but to guide me to undue what you have done. I will get my wife’s trust back, I will be a good husband and father and I will be the man God wanted his son to be.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear chump,

Cause that is what you are, a chump. You let someone control you. I did not put a gun to your head and made you do anything. I simply offered and you accepted. You will not stop doing what you do because you enjoy what your doing. You will continue to be failure at being a husband and father and you are never going to be man. Your wife will never trust you and your kids will never look up to you as a father.
You may stop for while but when you least expect it you will lose control again and I will be here waiting for you.