Letter to myself:

You sing about the blood of Jesus. You sing about his mercy and Grace. But yesterday is the only day that you didn’t play with yourself or look at pornography. Do you realize, you are not free with sin in your life? Do you realize that unrepentant sin isn’t forgiven? Yesterday was great. You resisted temptation. But we all know you can’t lean on your own strength. So its time for help. It’s time to let Jesus free you. It’s time to stay free. Your soul depends on it.

Letter from my sex addict:

It’s it possibly to be free? I let it become a habit. I am afraid I will end up alone and never get to have children. I feel like I’m stuck.I will never leave this spot where I’m at. I am afraid that I what I do in my own time makes no difference on anything. But maybe If I take this challenge, I can actually be free.I realize I need Divine help to be free. So I guess this is where it starts.