Dear Enemy.

I must admit that you have been one sly and slippery evil thing, so well done. You’ve kept me blind to the truth for such a long time. You made me believe that I was feeding you only because I was week and pathetic, and you led me to believe that you loved me, and that I loved you back. I see now that you are nothing but a trap! You’ve been set up by my King’s enemy, the Prince of Darkness, and I’ve fallen into you. You are a trick, an illusion, deception at its most subtle. I cannot freely give into you and claim to be a solider for the lord. Therefore, I declare war!

1: I will compose a letter to myself every day I am able, to distil your temptation.
2: I will erect a megalithic web defence you.
3: I will grow a marvellous field of accountability partners.
4: Knowledge is power, and I will learn all there is to know about you.
5: I will join workshops, groups and forums.
6: I will develop the appropriate fear of God, and I will fear Him more then I fear you.

Do you know why you cannot win? Because I have the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent King Of All on my side, and with the Holy Spirit working against you, I cannot lose. Let the battle for my future begin!