Dear addiction,
You are and I are through. We have been together for nearly 30 years…you were the one that made me think looking at the intimate section of store catalogs was cool…you were the one that introduced me to maturbation, first base, second base, third base, and so on…you are the one that showed me how “glorious” the internet and technogy can be…you were the one that told me sex before marriage would be the best sex that I ever had and then told me after I got married that the best sex I could have was definitely not with my wife…you are the one that has strung me along for all these years promising me pleasure, promising me acceptance, promising me that this was acceptable…you are the one! You are the one who has made me devalue those closest to me including my friends, family, kids, and my wife. You have made me believe that I cannot gain true satisfaction from them and that I can not find honest comfort with them. You have made me believe that these fantasies I seek when I go into this world of lies are obtainable and real. You have made me believe that they are the best way to deal with stress, anger, fear, worry, and every other bad emotion that you have created in me. I have believed in you for 30 years. I have trusted you for 30 years. I have ran to you for 30 years. In doing so I have turned my back on God for 30 years. I have been a hypocrite to evryone around me for 30 years. I have lived your life, not mine, for 30 years. Well, it stops today. Funny thing is, it took 30 years for you to destroy me and God is going to build me back up in the next 30 days! His powers are more amazing than you could ever possibly imagine and I am putting my beliefs and my faith into Him for now on. When you go looking for me in our normal places you won’t be able to get through to me. He will send his Army of Angels to stand guard around me. When you try to lure me in with a website, His angels are going to turn my thoughts to other things. When you try to get me to turn my head by putting images, both real and imaginary, in from of me His Angels will turn my eyes in a different direction. When you try to get at me late at night I when I am lone or when I am mad, angry, or upset…His arms are going to pick me up and carry me away from your decietfulness. You and I are no longer a thing. I am going to rebuild my life with the help from Him. My kids will see how much they really mean to me. My friends will finally get to see the real me. My wife will be loved and showered with the attention that she so rightfully deserves. And my God, for the first time, will be able to use me the way that He created me to be used.

I am a child of the one true King. I was fearfully and wonderfully made. He calls me by name and I am His. I am no longer going to be a slave to you. I am no longer going to believe the lies you tell me. I am no longer going to allow you to ruin my life. We are over!