Hey sex addict, you have tried to ruin my life time and time again. You have tried to make me believe that I can’t do any better than you. Well guess what, I have done better than you. I have an amazing wife and she loves me and brings me true fulfillment. I’ll admit you we’re a pretty good counterfeit. Until I found out what the real thing was. I dont need you anymore! I never needed you. Now I will love my life free from you. I know you’ll try to come back but I’m on to your games now. I know how to defeat you; with the word of God. His word is truth and you are a lie. I am now allowing Jesus to bring me joy and satisfaction. I am a man of God. I have His spirit guiding me so your tricks and schemes aren’t going to work on me anymore. I will love my wife and son with honesty and truth. I will not fall under your attack of false fulfillment. I am no bound to you and I am not tied to you any longer. I will overcome you by being 100% honest with my wife and son. I will have eyes for only her and no other woman. I will be diligent to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and get into His word everyday. I will worship God with my thoughts, my eyes, my actions, my electronic devices and my body. You are dead to me. Good riddance!