Letter to myself:

To the one who I hate,

I can’t stand to be in your presence anymore. You are a monster that has consumed me for years with your lies. You have destroyed my innocence, nearly destroyed my relationships with God and with others. I am sick of all the crap you have put me through. I am sick of you keeping me up at night to look at that filth. I am tired of you running my life when I am alone and near a computer or smart phone. You are the reason I find it hard to communicate with others. I will no longer be held under by your controlling thumb. I am now a free man. No more falling victim to your ways of deceitfulness. You were once the one who owned me, but no more. I have been bought and purchased from you. I no longer want to deal with you or the chains that you always kept me in. From here on out, you are DEAD to me. I am done with your childish games. I am done with you being the one that leads me. Christ is now the one who will lead me. I will follow HIS urging. Not yours. Don’t come looking for me, I choose not to be with you anymore. I will surround myself with people who love me and don’t want me to ruin my life with your lies. You no longer have power. I hate what you have done to me these many years. I can’t go back and change them, but I can change the years from here on out. And you are not a part of them. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you and cast you away. NEVER return.

This is the end of whatever relationship we had. Don’t bother coming back.

Letter from my sex addict:

So, that’s the way you want to be? All these years and you want to cast me aside like a used plaything? Oh wait. You’ve said this kind of stuff before, and yet, I’m still here. You are weak. You want to be like your father and brother and be strong in your ‘god’. Guess what, I am your god. You spent many hours in my presence doing what I told you to do, You have no chance. But you know what. I’ll let you try to change because I know you will come back to me. It might take a few weeks but you will. You always do. You will always be a failure, you won’t be able to settle down with one of those nice girls you’ve met because you are so consumed with me. You fool. I will be the end of everything for you. You want to change but you won’t. You are to comfortable with me. I provide a sense of control to your life that you so desperately crave. Just try. Remember I’ll always be waiting, but I guarantee that one day I will destroy you if you piss me off. I will always be lurking in the shadows, ready to take you back should you fail to please your ‘god’.

Good luck. But I’ll see you in a few days.